About Us


About us

Beyondmich Global Drilling Company is a registered water company that was incorporated with Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission in year 2013 but the company has been in existence since year 2004. Since incorporation in 2013 we have drilled over 300 industrial boreholes, monitoring wells, production wells and a lot of domestic boreholes across the length and breadth of Nigeria. We are highly experienced in basement complex drilling, sedimentary terrain as well as transition zones.

Since inception we have drilled, installed and handled 250Hp submersible pump (water borehole production), 120Hp Turbine pump (for dam) for community and agricultural usage.

Beyondmich Global drill Nigeria Limited is a specialist company charged with groundwater surveys and borehole drilling to supply dependable and clean water to the population and civil construction services. Since 2013 the company has undertaken various projects throughout Nigeria. The company has gradually built upon the experience and expertise by engaging highly trained geologists, civil engineers and other workers with vast work experience and various areas of work across the country. The company’s primary focus is to ensure sustainable access to and management of water resources aiming to improve people’s lifestyles by providing high-quality technology equipment on drilling and construction. Changes in technology have contributed to the company growing from geosciences firm to a construction and consulting company, thus attracting more new clients. The company has hands on the ground seeking new technologies and construction ideas and skills to improve its geosciences work. The company offers the following services; borehole drilling, borehole design, groundwork, borehole pump equipping, borehole rehabilitation, water treatment, pump testing,

installation supply, and installation of submersible pumps and supply and installation of hand pumps, GIS, Remote Sensing and Research works. The company is mainly focused on providing reliable and unique management and timely follow up support to the clients at all levels. The company puts the community’s lifestyle as a significant focus in service provision as water is an essential need. Therefore, by a significant margin, it has improved the performance of various service delivery institutions, economic actors, and the community at large. It is also working to partner with the needy community to ensure they provide a dependable source of clean drinking water for all their need.

The company’s flexibility is an excellent advantage as it helps adapt and support different companies, estates, farmers and communities in various environments and circumstances. Helps improve people’s lives and sustainable development by ensuring community participation at all stages. The company’s workforce is among the best as they are equipped with the best knowledge and technical expertise that helps come up with practical development plans. The company’s unique and attractive trait is the compassionate focus to provide clean, hygienic water supply and improve sanitation to minimize the negative health impacts. By establishing the various programs in different areas, the company boosts or contributes to the growth of the economy and income levels through the engagement of locally available labour. The company has completed several well and rural water supply projects in several private drilling projects across the country. With modern technology, the company can handle any challenges in drilling boreholes. It has adopted the latest high-performance material equipment and still works with manufacturers of drilling equipment to adopt the latest technical knowledge in borehole drilling. As a quality-centred entity, the company uses high-quality materials from quality-driven manufacturers to provide unique groundwater survey and drilling services for tapping underground portable water to its clients for commercial, drinking, and agricultural use.

Our Mission
To make our professional services the pivot of our client’s utmost satisfaction through a dedicated team of professional consultants and partners enabled with modern technological tools and experience
Our Vision
To operate a transparent, effective and efficient professional services that makes the dreams of our clients become reality and actualized
              Our Core Values
  • Competence and Technical
  • Know-how
  • Accountability
  • Respect for clients
  • Honesty
  • Fairness
  • Transparency
  • Confidence
  • Trust
  • Timeliness
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Perfection
  • Team Work
  • Team Spirit
  • Respect
  • Diligence.
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